Keep Arkansas Politicians Accountable to the Voters

Arkansas voters should pick their legislators. Out-of-state political operatives and lobbyists in Little Rock shouldn’t pick their voters for them.

Arkansas Voters First is a nonpartisan campaign to make redistricting open, transparent, and fair — by keeping power where it belongs, with the people.

This November, Arkansans can vote to establish an independent citizens commission that prohibits lobbyists and national political operatives from influencing how voting maps are drawn, and requires a fully transparent process with public input.

We have to get this right — now. Otherwise, Arkansans will have to wait another 10 years to put voters first.


National political operatives, special interests, and lobbyists gerrymander districts so they pick our leaders — not the voters. Our proposal would put an end to it, and put Arkansas voters first.


Money from lobbyists and special interests drowns out the voices of all voters. This proposal bans lobbyists, elected officials, and party officers from the redistricting process — and creates a system that is fair, transparent, and led by the people.


There will be a citizen-led commission with meetings open to the public, all records published online, and no lobbyists or politicians. We need to make sure our representatives pay attention to the needs of our communities, not corporate lobbyists and special interests.